Isa Watson

Isa Watson is the founder & CEO of Squad, a next gen, interactive social experience for sports fans. Squad started by making genuine social connectivity with your friends fun and easy; their solution grew quickly among the genz demographic. Isa has been named Top 100 MIT Alumni in Technology and Top 100 Female Founders by Inc Magazine.

She is also the author of the bestselling book, Life Beyond Likes: Logging Off Your Screen and Into Your Life, which highlights how social media has affected our daily lives, self-esteem and real-life relationships. With so much of our lives plugged into the internet, we’ve never been more connected—or disconnected—from what’s most important to us. And for all that we think we’re getting out of social media, we’re also getting duped. Combining research and compelling storytelling, Life Beyond Likes empowers its readers with information and practical tips on how to let go of their curated online lives and instead learn how to intentionally curate a life of joy.

One of Isa’s joy is skydiving; she’s one of the few Black female competitive skydivers in the U.S.

She holds a BS in Chemistry from Hampton University, a Masters in Biochemistry from Cornell University, and an MBA with a concentration in Economics from MIT. In a prior life, Isa was a research chemist at Pfizer and a Wall Street executive at JP Morgan Chase in New York & Hong Kong. She decided to leave those careers and become a tech entrepreneur to make an impact on a social issue important to her: the power of true connection and unlocking joy. Isa made a move most people didn’t understand, but it was one rooted in intentionality and purpose.

Isa was appointed to serve on the venture board of Harvard’s first ever Health Lab – a startup accelerator focused on health startups created by Harvard students. She is also on the board of the Brooklyn Public Library. Isa is currently training to compete in the 2024 US Nationals for Skydiving, and is a classical pianist of 25 years. To learn more about Isa, visit