Angela Ardis

Angela Ardis is an exceptional writer of animation, live production, television, film and ghostwriting. She’s also written a series of well-received erotica.

But she reached international acclaim with her memoir, Inside A thug’s Heart, which was compiled of an exchange of letters, poetry and conversations with the late rapper Tupac Shakur.

It is an intimate and revealing window into one of modern culture’s most iconic figures, this twentieth-anniversary re-release of Inside a Thug’s Heart celebrates the gifted and impassioned yet vulnerable and uncertain human behind the legend of Tupac.

In 1995, one year before Tupac Shakur was shot dead in Las Vegas, he was jailed for two months inside New York City’s notorious Rikers Island. While there, he received a letter from a stranger—Angela Ardis, acting on a casual bet with her friends. She included her photo and phone number . . . and soon found herself answering a call from Tupac himself. Remarkably, their near-daily contact grew into a complex kinship of souls that neither could define—and touched both in unexpected ways. Alive in letters and original poems—some available nowhere else—Tupac’s ever-relevant heart beats within these pages.
Playful, sensual, and serious, he gives insightful observations on music, prison, and life’s uncertainties—and his dreams for a future that would soon be tragically cut short. In this moving, one-of-a-kind tribute, generations of fans can experience a profound connection to the mind and unbroken spirit of a passionate, unpredictable musical icon.
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