Avery Cunningham

Avery Cunningham, a resident of Memphis and a 2016 graduate of DePaul University’s Master of Arts Writing & Publishing program, is the author of the The Mayor of Maxwell Street, a book NY Times best-selling author Victoria Christopher Murray called: “A debut novel everyone will be talking about, The Mayor of Maxwell Street is outstanding. Filled with intrigue, suspense, and a cast of characters I both adored and wanted to strangle, this novel kept me flipping the pages and holding my breath!”

It releases on January 30th. It is the story of wealth, privilege and tragedy–but at its heart, it is an epic love story, a riveting historical drama, and a brilliant exploration of Black society and perseverance when the ‘20s first began to roar.

Avery has more than a decade of editorial experience with various literary magazines, small presses, and best-selling authors. She grew up surrounded by exceptional African Americans who strived to uplift their communities while also maintaining a tenuous hold on prosperity in a starkly segregated environment.

The sensation of being at once within and without is something she has grappled with since childhood and explores thoroughly in her work of historical fiction. When not writing, Avery is adventuring with her Bernese Mountain Dog, Grizzly, and wading waist-deep in research for her next novel. She aspires to tell the stories of complex characters fighting for their right to exist at the fringes of history. Visit to learn more about her and her fantastic book.