Brian Rashad Fuller

Brian Rashad Fuller is an educational leader, writer, and strategist whose experiences as a student in South Carolina’s public school system fuel his passion for addressing the needs of historically underserved students.

He was inspired to write his upcoming must-read, transparent and important book, Being Black In America’s Schools.

In a polarizing and racially divided America, what do children of color learn about themselves before they even go to school?

As a Black man who has spent his life as a student and an educator, Brian shares his own story of navigating the world, overcoming his family struggles, and eventually entering an educational system that he believes is inherently racist, damaging, and disserving.

He exposes the challenges Black students face in elite and predominantly white universities and spaces, dissects “Black exceptionalism” in the schooling experience, and offers a firsthand account of the emotional and psychological impact made by teachers, administrators, policies, practices, lessons, and student interactions.

Most Americans are looking for answers on how to improve our education system—as illustrated by the critical race theory debate—but have not fully understood the lived Black experience, until now.

With powerful insight into a thoroughly American institution, Brian offers present-day solutions, and liberating hope, for a centuries-long issue, as well as a galvanizing and radical step forward. It is a book essential to our challenging times.

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