Gabriel Tuggle

Gabriel Tuggle is a Georgia native who was so skilled athletically as a teenager that he appeared destined for a life playing professional sports. But in high school he was shot in the head, somehow surviving. But his dreams died.

In his moving book, Stronger Than A Speeding Bullet, Gabe expresses in great detail the heartbreaking dynamics that led to him almost losing his life, how he lost his memory and his dreams after training for years to become a professional football or baseball player.

He was young, strong, quick, and blessed with athletic prowess that had many believing he could become a two-sport professional, which, in turn, would pull his family into financial success it had not experience.

Then it happened. A joke to the wrong person at the wrong time led to a shooting that left everyone feeling he would not survive. Through God’s will and Gabe’s desire, he pulled through, at which time he discovered he was stronger than a bullet.

In his memoir, Gabe shares his remarkable journey from victim to victor, and the incredible new vision and mission he has been given by God for his future. Please click on his image above to learn more about him and to order his book.

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