Gregory S. Works

Gregory S. Works is a sales executive who has recounted his inspiring battle of having two kidney transplants in an uplifting book that is part memoir and part instructional.

Gregory wrote Triumph: Life On The Other Side of Trials, Transplants, Transition and Transformation, a persoanl account that will inspire, inform, and encourage anyone facing an insurmountable situation.

A two-time kidney transplant recipient, he helps readers face challenges in their lives head-on by telling his story in a powerful way.

He uses statistics, his own experiences, and comical anecdotes to help readers understand the complexity of kidney disease. He demonstrates how faith can become the cornerstone to triumph over the challenge whether kidney disease or some other life-altering event.

Gregory stresses that challenges are inevitable, but the decisions that we make in facing them or fleeing from them will make a profound difference in our ability to overcome or be overtaken by trials, pain, and suffering in our lives.

His true narrative empowers you to never give up or give in and to be confident that a divine appointment of triumph is just ahead. This book emboldens us to expect the tide to turn in our favor – against all odds!
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