L. Divine

L. Divine is a young adult star author whose first adult fiction book, An Epitaph For Jezebel, has releases on June 25th. It has been described as Nancy Drew meets P-Valley as an Atlanta reporter investigates the gruesome ritualistic murder of a dancer at the female-owned strip club where she herself worked years before.

When Keke starts looking into secretive stripper Monaka’s grisly death, she’s instantly caught between her past and her present. Through The Honey Pot club owner “Honey Mama” Thiboudeaux, Keke found refuge from the streets, earned much money from her stage persona “Brandy,” and got a chance at a new life all her own. Her bombshell exposé about the club launched her reporting career. But it caused a bitter, seemingly irrevocable split between her, the only family she’s ever known—and Drew, the one man Keke won’t admit she’s never gotten

over . . .

At Honey Mama request’s, Keke goes undercover as Brandy to find the truth before political pressures shut the progressive club down for good. But Keke has to watch more than her back when she finds Monaka had an unshakable, dangerously elusive stalker, an illicit club sideline—and vicious conflicts with rival dancers. Even more explosive, Keke’s persistence is putting her at odds with Drew, now a police detective working this case . . . and the secrets she herself can no longer hide.

Now with the clock fast ticking down, Keke must tantalize the killer with the one lure he—or she—can’t resist. But using fantasy as a trap could put more than her pursuit of justice on the line–it risks ending her career and life for good . . .
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