Phyllis R. Dixon

Phyllis R. Dixon is the delightful author whose latest book, A Taste of More, is a must-read.

It is a powerful story of mothers and daughters, against-all-odds success, generational trauma, and redefining home.

It is a breathtaking saga spanning the final three decades of the Great Migration – from the Jim Crow south in rural midcentury Mississippi through the transformative 1970s – a tenacious single mother and culinary genius builds an unprecedented empire. But the one dream she can’t stop chasing may cost her everything…

Money is security. Always. Margo Dupree has lived by that rule since childhood, when her father’s death plunged her and her mother into poverty. Marriage brought only disillusionment and struggle. But it also gave Margo the determination to migrate north in search of a better life for herself and her young daughter, Lana.

The north, however, isn’t the panacea she expected, and Margo finds herself contending with the all-too-familiar obstacles of racism and prejudice, not to mention the new stresses of urban living. But things change once she realizes that what was once her greatest shame is now her greatest asset—the skills she learned from her mother’s job as a cook. Using her tasty recipes, personality, and relentless hustle, Margo begins to build a successful restaurant chain. Yet despite her ever-more desperate efforts, she can’t earn her heart’s deepest desire: Lana’s forgiveness for her early absence.

As Lana becomes a beautiful young woman with an increasingly mercenary temperament, Margo wonders if she knows her daughter at all—and if she can save her from the bitter and frighteningly dangerous mistakes that may shatter both of their worlds.